Tim Jones - Great Vines

Tim Jones
Great Vines

It's a privilege to speak with someone who understands what it takes to get products in front of the decision makers at retailers large and small.  And when that person draws upon a lifetime of experience to innovate the way sales teams are managed, the conversation is truly enlightening.   Tim Jones of Great Vines is an industry veteran who knows that not only is on-prem sales different from off, but an independent shopkeeper requires a different approach than a national chain.  Further, he's bringing all he's learned to Great Vines to empower alcohol producers and sales teams with the tools they need to spend more time in front of customers and less in day-to-day drudgery.   

Listen to the Firewater interview as we dive into the world of the sales, how to approach a shop's gatekeeper, when to bring on a sales team, and how to efficiently manage people in the field when it is time to grow.