We are dedicated to telling the millions of stories behind one amazing industry.  We care about one thing - the business of imbibing - and all the people who make it happen.  We are committed to collecting the stories of distillers, bottlers, label makers, and all those who contribute to the pursuit of the greatest alcohols and cocktails. Just as no two spirits are the same, no two stories are either. 

We know the people who make alcohols are entrepreneurs, romantics, moonshiners, and dreamers.  We know they have a story to tell: why they make what they do, why they wanted to fire up a still for the first time, why they put their name on a bottle, and why they know their drink is the best on the market.  At Firewater, we connect those who are boiling their mash for the thousandth time and those who are just learning what a mashbill is. 

We also know that the liquor industry does not begin and end at the distillery or bottling plant.  We know there's wisdom to be shared from those who design labels, run package stores, and mix cocktails.  A more informed public means a better marketplace for spirits.  Firewater is dedicated to telling the entire spirits story because it is a story of what we love, what we do, and what we can never stop refining. 

Zachary Farley - Founder - Zach has been working in and around spirits for most of his life.  His love of handcrafted, high-quality liquors comes naturally.  He was raised in a restaurant and B&B (literally sleeping above the kitchen) where he became mesmerized by the bottles and labels behind the bar.  When not at his family's restaurant, he was working on the family farm raising fruits and nuts.  He has seen how both nature and the marketplace reward hard work and dedication to a great product. 

Today, Zach covers the business of imbibing at every level.  He is a graduate of the Distilled Spirits Epicenter's Moonshine University program, where he learned the intricacies of distilling and the business of running a spirits company.  Zach is also a licensed attorney and has experience with small business creation, new product IP considerations, and local zoning matters. His varied background gives him the ability to cover the entire verticality of the alcohol industry.