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Aaron Linden
HUB International Insurance

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Linden

What are the essentials of getting a distillery up and running? Space. Still. Bottles. Story. Recipe.  These essentials will get you a product and get that product into a sellable state, but a distillery needs more.  The government says you need a bond to get started and to store your product.  Common sense says you should have some level of protection just in case anything happens at your distillery.  All it takes is a bad weld to give out at the wrong time and all your distillery dreams can come crashing down.  The transportation of alcohol brings unique challenges that most goods don’t face.  The peculiarities and potential pitfalls of starting up a distillery are where Aaron Linden of HUB International Insurance thrives.

Listen to the Firewater Network interview with Aaron, where we discuss common mistakes that founders make when first getting started, the importance of working with an industry expert for a highly technical undertaking like a distillery, and the commitment that an insurance guy has to protect a nascent industry. 

To learn more about Aaron's work and how to contact him visit his website at http://www.hubinternational.com/aaron-linden/