Meagan Walsh - Plan B Bar

Meagan Walsh
Plan B

Brooklyn, NY

What does it take to actually get a new spirit in front of a future customer? For many new distillers, the first step is to get their product into local bars. This often means leveraging all of those late-night outings at the local pub and reaching out to bartenders/managers who have come to know the distiller over the years. How bar managers decide what to stock and what to highlight behind their bars and on their menus is critical for the success of "on-premises" sales. In this week's release, we speak with the bar manager of a self-described neighborhood "dive bar" in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn - Meagan Walsh of the Plan B bar. Meagan has years of experience in running a bar, interacting with the public, and meeting with liquor sales professionals. For brands that align with the dive-bar esthetic, this interview should help in securing a bottle's place behind the bar and facing future customers.