Raff Distillerie

San Francisco, CA

The Raff Distillerie is the creation of just one person and the culmination of founder Carter Raff's lifelong dream.  This episode goes in-depth with a distiller who spent 14 years planning his San Francisco distillery.  The quality of his absinthe and gin prove that it was time well spent.  Absinthe, the first product Raff created, has the historical reputation of giving its tipplers hallucinatory trances and Raff's is named after a former "Emperor" from the City by the Bay.  Raff's gin is just as unique and recalls the history of two of San Francisco's most beloved residents.  Find out how one person can build his entire operation with his own hands, turn it into an international brand, and keep his products closely intertwined with the city he calls home.  Read the full profile here.