Reed Wax
Reading, MA

Every craft brand knows that it not only needs an outstanding product in the bottle, but a bottle that stands out on the shelf.  Since 1939, the folks at Reed Wax have been providing the wine, beer, and spirits industry with wax solutions for a variety of consumer packaging needs.  Their dedicated team wants to work with small producers and deliver proprietary solutions that meet each customer's unique demands.  As they like to call themselves, they are the craft waxery for craft distilleries (and wineries and breweries). 

Photo courtesy of Reed Wax

Putting wax around the neck of a bottle or embossed on the top of a cork sends a message to the customer.  It tells them that the contents of the bottle were important enough to the maker that even the packaging was handcrafted on-site.  In fact, according to the guys at Reed Wax, wax dipping pays for itself many times over because of its ability to make an upscale product look upscale and cause the consumer to want to reach out and grab the bottle.  Once that bottle has made it to the customer's home, the importance of Reed's "Peel Appeal" wax becomes apparent as the wax topping is easily breached so that the cork can be removed without damaging the overall appearance of the bottle.  Almost no packaging request or color match is out of bounds for Reed Wax.  If anything, they want to be challenged by a driven, visionary new customer.

Photo Courtesy of Reed Wax

Listen to the Firewater Network interview as we discuss the ease with which wax can work into an existing bottling operation, with only minimal equipment needs.  Further, learn how there is more to wax toppings than just basic colors, as Reed makes the entire Pantone system open to its customers and provides unique solutions like their just-released "Iridescent Wax."   Finally, discover why a craft waxery can be just as important to its product as a craft distillery is to its spirit as we go over the importance of small teams that listen to their customer's needs and deliver on projects no matter how far-out the request.

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